February 26, 2015 ~  3 am
A word from Father through Roger

Father said, “Get up.”  I did and asked, “Father what do You have to say?”  He said, “Genesis Chapter 19.”  I read it and it is the story of Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah. I asked Father, “What do You want me to see,” and He said the following:
“As in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, America has fallen; fallen to a depth of depravity where recovery is possible, but doubtful.  Yet in the midst of your vial and wicked ways, America, I AM!!  I am God!  I am potentially your Father, but you have rejected Me!  I have blessed you and you are thankless.  I have abundantly prospered you and you have become prideful and arrogant.  I reach out to you, yet you turn your back and go your own way!  You self-destruction is as sure as the sunrise unless you repent and come to Me!
Now to those who are My children I say this:  “COME OUT!!  COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM THAT ARE DETERMINED TO PERISH!  Wash and cleanse yourselves from your participation in the flesh and darkness of the world!  Make your choices and priorities pure and righteous.  Make yourselves available to Me!  You have a precious privilege in becoming My sons and daughters!  Walk in your place of privilege!  Walk in the power of humility and righteousness!  Walk in My love for it is transformational.  Love must be your weapon of choice if we are to be victorious.  My children, a critical time is upon you; a time of choice.  Renounce and reject compromise with the world and its darkness.  Come and go with Me for I will not forsake you!  My love for you is sure and it will not be withdrawn.  I am faithful and available to you.  Will you come?  Don’t look back, just come!  I am your Father.