November 24, 2015
A WORD FROM FATHER through Roger
It was Winter and Spring in the same season.  No one could calculate the reason.  Confusion, speculation, anxiety.  What do we do?  Where do we go?  Who can help us?
Life is love and love is life; anything else is a perversion of God’s plan.  Sin without consequence is a deadly lie to live by.  Righteousness without consequence is hopelessness in the waiting.  Pride and arrogance are destructive bedfellows.  Shaken, all things must be shaken; shaken by the power of evil and shaken by the power of love.  Choose a life of fear, anxiety and darkness or choose a life of love, acceptance and peace.  My ways are not your ways, and your thoughts are not My thoughts, therefore our communication must increase if you are to find your way.  Will you lay down your way and accept My way?  Will you lay down your religion and accept relationship with Me?  Will you choose to be among the few who find the way I have prepared for eternal life?  I offer you My love instead of My judgment, life instead of death, truth instead of lies, hope instead of hopelessness, relationship instead of religion.  You must choose My role in your life for you are the limiting factor.
I am God, but I want to be your Father.  I offer.  Will you accept?
                                                                                                                                                        ~ Father