Thanksgiving Afternoon 2016 – watching football and Father began to speak to me (Roger) the following:

“Son, let’s talk to My other kids; hopefully some will listen! As your Father, I am concerned for you all. I watch as you repeatedly make wrong choices in life that deter fulfillment of your purpose and destiny. Some of you never consider that I have a purpose and destiny planned for you. You seldom demonstrate interest in My Kingdom or the supernatural life that is available to you. How could you possibly think that continuing to live a self-centered, worldly life will bring you more happiness and fulfillment than living in the benefits of being a born again child of God? Do you really believe that the world’s offerings compare with what I offer you? If you insist in remaining in your comfort zone and in control of your future, you will miss the blessings and opportunities I have for you and together we will not accomplish the victories I have planned for us. Most of all, you will miss the opportunity of having a personal, intimate relationship with Me. You will miss our conversations that could bring joy to both of us. You will miss the power of My love being imparted through our intimate times together. You will miss the wisdom, knowledge and prophetic impartations about your miraculous future that is available from Me. The world’s temporary offerings cannot compare to the eternal offerings I make to all My children. As I bring judgment on society for their sin and the world’s provision for you is decimated, where will you turn? If your dependence remains on the quick sand of the world, you will suffer needlessly. When your security is in money, position, power and influential friends you are in trouble with Me and the quick sand I mentioned will be very real. I want you with Me. Your eternity began when you accepted Jesus and that includes My plans for you and it includes a personal, loving, intimate, conversational relationship with Me, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Our love, wisdom, guidance and provision are worth more than all the world could possibly offer. Your status as My child is one of royalty with supernatural ability. Does your status in the world somehow compare with that? If you will choose correctly now, My love will invade your space, empower your faith, draw you deeper into your rightful place in Me and bring you happiness, success and fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams. This is a personal invitation to all My children. You are about to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. He made the way for you. Will you choose correctly now? I love you.” Your Father