The following word was posted to the PITFH Blog on February 22, 2013 eight years ago.  We felt it should be posted again today, March 16, 2021.

A Word from Father concerning the USA – February 22, 2013

This morning in my quiet time I asked Father if He had anything to say to me from His Word.  He said, “Yes, son, Amos Chapter 3.”  As I read the scripture my heart sank a little as I realized the theme of this chapter is judgment for sin from God.  As I finished reading the chapter I said, “OK Father, what?”  This is what came.

“Thus says the Lord God Almighty to the United States of America.  Your pride has come before Me as a stench in my nostrils.  Your rebellion to Me is as the sin of witchcraft.  You honor and lift up sin as if it were righteousness.  Perversion is given common place among the people.  You murder your unborn, your future generations, as a sacrifice on your altar of lust and covetousness.  You have elected leadership that is perverse and Godless to secure your self-centered and unholy desires.  Shall I remain silent?  Shall I hold My peace and for how long?  What could change your course of self-destruction?

You have pushed Me aside and embraced religion and you are comfortable in your darkness.  Woe unto you America!  You have turned your back on Me.  You are forfeiting My protection, provision, mercy and grace.  What will you do as the consequence of your rebellious, sinful choices come down upon your head?  Where will you turn?  Will your religion save you?  Will your idolatry protect you?  Will your perverse leadership restore you?

Under what circumstances are you willing to hear Me?  How much destruction is necessary before you are willing to see and repent for your wicked ways?  I offer you My love and you continually reject Me, so now I offer you the consequence of your sin.  How will you respond?  Nineveh chose the righteous path of repentance and saved themselves from destruction.  Are you equal to the challenge America?  Will you somehow discover the wisdom of repentance and return to Me?  I remain hopeful.   Selah.”