May 2, 2016

I had a strange tongue with the following interpretation:

The winds of fire blow scorching the vulnerable places, searching for more fuel, demanding more fuel.  O the pain and suffering carried in the fire; a holocaust of sorts that is self-inflicted.  Pressing into sin, the darkness closes in.  Clouded, confused, irrational thinking becomes common place.  Lies and deception become truth to live by.  Consumption becomes inordinate, a bondage to live by.  Sacrifice on many alters of self-centeredness increase when satisfaction doesn’t come.  No release, striving, striving, no release; torment of mind and body.  The wages of sin is death.  Fruitless darkness, unnecessary suffering, an arrogant, Godless existence without hope, without resolution unless you humble yourselves and come to Me.  How far must you fall?  What price must you pay?  When is ‘enough’ enough to break you so you will need Me?  America, I offer you love and acceptance, yet you chose judgment.  With reluctance I accept your challenge.  Who will break and surrender?  How long must this foolishness go on?  I will do two things for you America.  I will bring the consequence of your sin down upon your head until fear becomes your taskmaster.  The second thing I will do for you is pour out My love upon you.  In the midst of chaos and fear the power of My love expressed will shred the darkness in many places and multitudes will surrender and come home to Me.  I will give you what you deserve in judgment and at the same time offer you My rescue plan.  My love is the essence of all life, a gift offered to all.  Hear Me if you desire new life.  I am your God.  I desire to be your Father.  Selah.