Recently we visited the ranch that Father has promised to us in the vision He gave in 1980.  While we are unable to actually get on the land, we do, from time to time visit just to pray from an outside boundary.  When we visited this time we noticed survey stakes all over the property indicating a recent land survey had been conducted.  I looked out my car window and noticed a permanent boundary stake at the North West corner of the property.  Suddenly I sensed a powerful visit from Holy Spirit.  Immediately I asked Father what this meant.  He was silent.  When we arrived back home, I mentioned my experience to Rog and asked him what he thought it might mean.  He said, “I don’t know.  Let’s pray.”  We did and got no explanation from Father.  We prayed again at bedtime,  asking Daddy what that particular survey stake meant.  Nothing.  When morning came, I woke continuing to ask about the boundary marker.  I opened my email and saw an email from New Zealand and the scripture in that email was Ps. 16:6 which says, “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.”   Yahoo, Lord!  That’s MY word.  I claim and declare it. Though that was in the third week of March, I am still in awe of how direct this confirmation is to me.

Today we received the following post from  Kathi Pelton, Oceans in the Desert in Oregon.  More confirmation from the message and scripture they posted!


Up, Up and Away

by jkpelton2014

By Kathi Pelton

Sometimes we are too close to our own lives to see God’s perspective. We begin to see events and circumstances from an Earthly view rather than from a Kingdom view.

God is inviting you to come up to His Throne of Grace in order to gain a new and proper perspective about this time in your life. If the view that you are currently seeing doesn’t fit with the promises that He has spoken to you, then maybe you need to go higher and sit with Papa God so that He can share His wisdom with you.

As parents our perspective of every day events in our children’s lives often differ with their perspective. I remember my parents often remembering events quite different than I remembered them. What children view as withholding is often protection or just the wisdom of a mature adult. It is possible that what you are viewing as withholding is merely God’s wisdom and timing taking place in your life. Delays may be alignment to His timing, losses may be God making from for the addition of things needed for your new season and things seemingly blocking your way may be His protection from something that He can see but you cannot.

Today your Heavenly Father is inviting you to come up and see your life from His perspective. He is so happy to give you greater understanding and wisdom. This will help you to walk in the peace of His perspective.

Here is His promise to you;

“The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.” Psalm 16:6