Do you find yourself having difficulty in relationships?  Is it hard or even impossible for you to bring a necessary ending with some in your life?  Do you hang on even when you know that God is bringing the relationship to a close?  Do you stay and become the victim when you know a relationship is toxic? 

Often in prayer ministry we deal with situatuations where the client does not have a clear understanding of the three types of people in our world ~ The Wise Person, The Foolish Person, or the Evil Person. 

Click on the link below and you will find a simple chart that will outline each type of person and then give you a healthy strategy on how to deal with each type.  Take the test yourself first.  Where do you fall in the categories?  Normally everyone overlaps some in each category sometime during their life, but where are you today and if you are having difficulty in other relationships, see if you can identify where the other person is.  Then it is a simple choice to apply the strategy!

The information from this chart was taken from the book Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud.  You can find a review of this book here on the blog. 

CLICK HERE  to view the chart.