In this New Year, new life is available to any and all who will pursue it.  Father God has made provision and revelation available if you are willing to put in the work necessary.  So if you care about your relationship with God, your relationship with yourself, your relationship with your family, your health, your purpose and destiny in God, then with the utmost urgency I give this advice:  invest yourself deeply and honestly into the writings of Dr. Henry W. Wright.  Father has gifted this Pastor with deep, intense revelation that has the potential to set the Body of Christ free from sickness and disease and our personal strongholds. 
Many of us in the Body have little hope of healing because we have prayed and prayed and prayed and had others pray for us with little to no success.  In the past if you have prayed for sickness and disease and have not been healed, there is a reason.  The blockage to our healing is usually rooted in sin.  Sometimes we know the sin we have and refuse to deal with it.  Sometimes, as Gerri and I have recently discovered, we have sin and did not see or realize it was sin!  In any case, no one can deal with our issues but us.  Any and all sin is a hindrance in our walk and relationship with God, so do we want more of the same old, same old?  Could you possibly be ready for your sanctification to continue?  Could you possibly be fed up enough to grit your teeth and strap on determination to get honestly before Father and repent? 
Newness of life awaits those who will commit their lives to God.  Be determined to live righteously and honestly before Him.  None of us have arrived.  There is a God-ordained destiny for each and every one of us.  If we are born again, it is unacceptable to continue to live a natural life.  Our inheritance as a Child of the Most High God is a supernatural existence, pre-ordained by our Heavenly Father.  It is up to each of us individually to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to God’s plan.  Father’s mercy, love and grace awaits those who will earnestly pursue their relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
The world cannot give you eternal security.  The world’s offerings are temporary at best and are destructive if it lures you away from your rightful place in God.  Father continues to reveal more of Himself through chosen sons and daughters who then spread the revelation to the worldwide Body of Christ through their glory stories giving each of us the opportunity to experience a measure of new life, new freedom, new joy and excitement in deeper intimacy with our God.  
May you establish the right priorities and make the righteous, honorable decisions necessary for a blessed New Year in Jesus name.  

To Him be all the glory,