Often I spend time reviewing my journals.  It amazes me each time  that I do this I find more of Father’s love and nature speaking to my heart.  This one I believe is for all His children.  I hope you will find this entry encouraging.      Blessings,  Roger

“Good morning Father.  Would You, could You have anything to say to me this morning?” 
“Yes, My son.  My heart is so full of love for you and all My children.  I will always have something to say to help you grow and understand life and love and Me.  You see, life without My love is a perverted life.  In fact, life without My love is not what I call life at all.  Life without My love only offers a poor substitute for what I intended.  So you see, My son, I have much to say to My children to bring the necessary correction and new direction for life, love and intimate relationship.  My love is the fuel for life, the energy source for living.  Call unto Me son.  Come walk with Me, My son.  Receive for yourself My heart of love for you and My gift of life to you and then go and share it.  You will be salt and light to the world, to the nations and to My church.  Remember there is one message son.  Life is love and love is life and I AM!”   Love, Daddy