Very often we will ask Prayer Ministry Clients to sit down, quiet themselves, and ask Father if He has a love letter to deliver to them.  We simply instruct them to say, “Daddy, do You have anything to say to me today?”  It is so in His heart to deliver these love letters to us, yet so many miss this wonderful opportunity. 

Recently we asked one of our clients if she would take on this homework assignment.  With her permission and the change of her name, we thought you might enjoy what she got!  It was a surprise and blessing to us as well as Alice!

Love Letter from Alice to Daddy and the Response From Daddy to Alice

Alice to Daddy:

Father I so much appreciate and am grateful for your undying love and devotion to me.  Thank you for sticking with me all these 55 years as I’ve become a willful mess!  Thank you that I am healing and that you are making me into your image.  Thank you so much for your patience with me and your unconditional love to me.  I am excited to continue this journey of intimacy.  Help my spirit to fatten up and me to open up to your love.  

 Daddy to Alice:

 Dear Alice, My precious child.  I am so proud of you.  I am dancing over you this instant and basking in the love that is flowing from your heart to mine.  You are, indeed, growing by leaps and bounds and this part of the journey is invaluable to what I have for you to do.  Listen carefully and learn wisely, as my words spoken through my chosen vessels, Gerri and Roger, will sustain you and others for years to come. 

 Speaking of my chosen vessels, aren’t they just great; just great?  I just love them so much.  How they bless me and honor me.  I will do the same for them.  Watch and see, watch and see.  Them to me; them to me, into eternity, they shall see!  Thanks for this side note.  I was just bubbling over thinking about them and wanted them to know they were on my mind.

 You, Alice, have been concerned lately about your confidence.  Your spirit is growing and will catch up soon to who you really are in me.  You will roar like a lion and your voice will be heard.  You were made to have the heart and courage of a lion, that is why when you hear a lion roar, it feels as if you are roaring in the Spirit.  Stay focused and after the dross is skimmed off, the courage will rise, the confidence will rise, the faith will rise, the praise will rise.  They will shine for all the world to see and my Kingdom will go forth through you! Do the work that is necessary.  Don’t’ quit.  Don’t falter.  One step at a time and then you will run and leap and dance and march and sing!  Amen!