The home we lived in on Hwy 905 when we moved here to Conway was infected with black mold.  In December 2010, we moved from that residence.  We have been suffering with various health issues since 2008.  We have attempted to treat these symptoms naturally and with prayer.   We have done extensive web research on black mold for several years and in addition consulted with our chiropractor and our medical doctor.  All along the way, we have gained insight and knowledge about this problem, and on Monday, September 12, 2011, Father God gave us a major key in our journey when He instructed Gerri to type into a web search the words ‘black mold poisoning.’  It led to an extensive website by a doctor that has suffered from this condition.  Suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle seemed to come together and answers to our questions were answered.  We took a step of faith and ordered a natural supplement designed to remove the black mold spores from the body at the cellular level.              

               On Tuesday, September 13, 2011, one of our ministry intercessors reminded us of a prophetic word given by Doug Addison on August 11, 2011.  It said in part, “September will be a time to implement new plans and start new things.  Once you get God’s strategy, then implementing it will take a step of faith because it may look unusual to you.”  The natural supplement Father has revealed is Brown Seaweed Extract. This is unusual and it has taken a step of faith financially for both of us to begin detoxification with this product.

              On Wednesday, September 14, 2011, we received a word given by Bobby Connor from a former ministry intercessor.  This word was given in September 2010 for this year, 2011.  The title of the word is “God’s Healing Power Using Leaves and Plants.”  In part this word says, “God will release insights regarding leaves and plants that contain medicines that will be beneficial to many.” 

                We feel that Father has now given us a specific strategy concerning our health issues and that He has confirmed to us that we are headed in the right direction.   We have made the decision to begin the detoxification process with the Brown Seaweed Extract as soon as the product arrives.  As with most detoxification protocols, the symptoms you are dealing with usually become worse before they get better.  We understand this process and we are willing to move forward trusting that Father will grant us grace in this area.  We also are hopeful that our healing process will produce great results and that we will be able to share our testimony with many others especially those here in the South where many homes and businesses are infected with this sometimes deadly disease.

                If you’d like to follow us on this journey, we will be posting health updates periodically on the newsletter blog.  You can locate the blog from our website,  and click on the link News and Articles.   Most of all, we ask for your prayers, and for your patience as we move forward with this treatment.   Our main goal is to get healthy in preparation for our return to Colorado and fulfillment of the vision of the ranch retreat and above all else, to bring honor and glory to our Father and to Jesus, His Son. 

Bless you now in the Name of Jesus, our King and our Healer,
Roger and Gerri