Hello Roger and Gerri,
Yesterday my nephew and his wife stopped by to visit on their way to Knoxville, TN. Mary noticed Roger’s painting and commented on how beautiful it is. That opened the door for me to share how we came to get the painting. Of course, I had to start with my healing when Gerri laid hands on me and prayed. Then I told how you had to leave the church and moved away. We too, moved away but we stayed in touch. They were touched by how God brought us back together during a fall festival street fair in Jackson. I told them of your ministry. They too have a ministry! Both are recovered addicts and minister to others trying to heal. Reggie discovered Jackson did not have a “celebrate recovery program” so with the help of his pastor and the local law officials, he got one started. Their job in construction takes them from place to place so they find a church and go meet the law officials and witness! Your story touched them and encouraged them. Just wanted you to know, what you do matters. I have never forgotten! God bless you! Merry Christmas.

MWM, Alabama

(Names have been changed in this article.)