We have, indeed, been through a long winter season both spiritually and physically which has forced us to draw into a very quiet place alone with Him.  During this time He has simplified our lives in a way we never thought possible.  He has also revealed some things to us about our future and our coming destiny.  We’re not ready to talk about them yet, but we will when Father releases us to do that.  We want to be certain we are where He needs us to be, when He needs us to be there, doing what He tells us to be doing.  The biggest enemy of this kind of spiritual aloneness is busyness – even the busyness of daily chores along with the resistance that lies deeply within us that makes it difficult for us to  fully embrace these alone times with Father God.

Signs of our Spring have arrived in the natural with daffodils blooming in our front yard and the red birds feeding at the feeder.   Signs of our spiritual Spring are also arriving.  As we rest in Him and listen, we are hearing that ‘suddenlies’ are coming, old gates are closing as new gates are opening, and those who have moved away in a prodigal spirit, will  return again in full repentance and with a willingness to serve heart attitude.  In the process of this time, He says we are ending a cycle that began about seven years ago when we moved to South Carolina.  Seven is the number that indicates conclusion or completion.  He says we are undergoing an accelerated separation from the past that will create a division that cannot be bridged.  We are to let go and be free.  He says we are in a great river and coming to a bend in that river which represents a turn or deviation from where we have been.  It is like a crossroad or prophetic intersection or junction.  There are fresh springs feeding this mighty river, which are symbolic of the Lord’s abundance and blessing to those who are in right standing or right relationship with Him.  Prophetically 2012 has been named ‘the year of fulfillment and favor.’  In the quietness of rest where we have been hidden away alone with Him, we are daily acknowledging and  receiving these awesome promises, allowing them to settle deeply within our human spirits.

We are sure that others are finding themselves at this same bend in the river.  If you are relating to what we are experiencing and this message ‘zings’ in your spirit, we’d love to hear from you.   Drop us a note and tell us what Father is speaking to you.   You can do that by CLICKING HERE.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Resting – truly resting – in His Embrace,
Roger and Gerri