A couple of weeks ago a ministry partner recommended that we read a book by Bill Hamon entitled “Apostles, Prophets and the Coming Moves of God.”  We purchased it and I began to read.  The following quote really grabbed my attention.

“On April 20, 1996 John Jimenez coordinated a Washington for Jesus rally.  Approximately 1 million Christians attended.  The platform was on the front steps of the U. S. Capitol.  Though it rained most of the day, God’s purpose was accomplished.  At 8:30 AM Cindy Jacobs prayed an intercessory prayer for America over those gigantic loud speakers.  I (Bill Hamon) gave a prophetic decree and prophecy to the nation concerning God’s purpose and dealings with the USA.  One prophetic declaration was that God would move in His goodness, mercy, and spiritual revival to turn this nation back to God and His righteousness.  However, if the church and America had not turned as God wanted it to by the year AD 2002, then He was going to stop defending America.  This would cause great calamity and judgment to come upon America.  If the church and the nation does not turn around by His goodness, then it would turn by His severity.”

This was revelation to me and immediately took me back to the words Father had given me regarding His coming judgment on America.  I knew that if I was hearing Him correctly that He was speaking to many others the same things.  I just had not heard too many, so Bill’s word brought encouragement to me that I was hearing correctly.

On 11/8/12 we posted on our blog an article entitled “America and Our Future.”  It is a compilation of those words I received from Father regarding His coming judgment on America.  You can review it there.  Then yesterday, 1/1/14, 5 pm while sitting on the John (He can speak to us anywhere!), Father began to speak to me again and I journaled the following:

“2014 will be a monumental year, planned before the beginning of time.  There will be increasing division between the religious who refuse to change and the Body of Christ that presses for a more intimate relationship with Me.  The religious more and more to the political side and take sides against those who demonstrate the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven.  My enemies have words but no deeds.  My children will demonstrate with powerful deeds and life giving words.  Many newcomers will be drawn to powerful new life replacing those who go with the world and religion.

There will be powerful conflicts as America self-destructs.  The godless will turn on each other and internal warfare will surpass America’s civil war.  Uncommon and unrealistic events will occur more frequently as the fabric of society is torn apart, but I will not allow My children to be overcome by the darkness.  Those who choose to go with Me will be powerful sources of love and live that will defeat the darkness at every turn.  I will once again set before mankind a choice between death and cursing and life and blessing.  I pray the multitudes will choose life and My love and blessing. “   ~ Father

May I ask you now, what is your response?  Are you discouraged?  Are you thinking, “Oh no, not again.  I wish he would stop writing these negative articles?”  If your response is something like this, might I suggest that Father’s warnings are a love gift to those who will listen?  They are not negative, but instead, a very positive admonition to change our ways and priorities.

If , on the other hand, you acknowledge the warnings and then choose to focus on the positive things Father has said, I believe you will be empowered in your relationship with Him and thus increasingly prepared to face the difficult days ahead.

Committing ourselves into Father’s hands will now be increasingly more important if we are to fulfill our purpose and destiny.  Many of us in the Body of Christ focus on defeating satan and his minions and that is a worthy endeavor, however, in many cases we miss confronting and defeating our biggest enemy and that is self.   For many of us dying to self and living for God is the greatest challenge we face in life.

Father’s love is evident in His warnings and His promises.  I hope we will all be grateful and heed the warnings and in dying to self, press into Him and live in His promises.  He is faithful to His word!  May 2014 find us faithful to Him, carrying His love to our world!