The vision for Wit’s End Ranch was given by Father on February 10, 1980 – 37 years and 8 months ago.  For those of you who have walked these years with us, you know how long Father has assured us that Hab. 2:2-4 would come to pass…”though the vision tarry, wait for it because it will surely come and it will not tarry.”  We have waited and we have tarried…sometimes successfully and sometimes not so much!
We felt two weeks ago that something shifted in the Spirit realm and though we could not see specifics at that time, still in our spirits we knew something was happening…something was moving.  This week things have moved and swiftly.  Several ‘suddenlies’ have occurred and last evening was one of those suddenlies.  About 8pm we had a phone call from our intercessor in Durango and she felt Father was telling her that she and I [Gerri] should go to the ranch tomorrow and pray.
As we arrived at the gate this morning amid all the colors of Fall that God could possibly paint, we spotted a 4 Sale Sign on the property.  We have known for some weeks now that the property was for the third time in foreclosure.  The 4 Sale Sign was a surprise!
We called our Realtor this afternoon and we have made arrangements for a full ranch showing and tour sometime as early as next week. This is the first time in many, many years for us to be back on the property.  It is listed for $3 million dollars and if it does not sell it will go to foreclosure auction on 12/27/17.
If anyone has a few million laying around that they would like to donate to further the work of the Kingdom with this vision, now would be the time!  As always, any gift, large or small, is deeply appreciated!
MOST OF ALL, WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS.  As you can imagine this is both a very exciting time AND a time when we must stay very focused on what Father is saying to us.  May His perfect will be done in His perfect time.
THANK YOU for your support.
Resting in the Father’s Embrace,
Roger and Gerri