We have been familiar with the ministry of Lana Vawser from Australia for a long while now. She is well respected and accurate in her postings. We received the one below this morning and feel it is a very important word that significantly affects us and PITFH. Please take time to read it and pray as the Father directs. THANKS!

10/28/16 Lana Vawser on praying for spiritual fathers:

Over the past few weeks the Lord has been highlighting “fathers” to me, and I wasn’t exactly sure why. Today as I was spending time with the Lord I felt the Lord give me clarity on what He was saying.
There is an attack on FATHERS right now, men of God that carry the heart of the Father and are called to be fathers in the body of Christ; the enemy is going after many of them in full force. He is attempting to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10) and as I sat with the Lord I heard the Lord saying “COVER THE FATHERS SO THEY CAN GO FARTHER” and the sense surrounded me that right now the intercessors need to rise up and cove the fathers, to cancel any assignments of the enemy against them, cover them in the blood of Jesus and decree life and breakthrough. Battalions of warrior angels are being sent to war over and for the fathers right now.
I saw many fathers in a place of transition and about to move into increase and extension. The word “FARTHER” boomed in my spirit again.
FARTHER: (adverb) To go a greater distance, go to a more advanced point, extending and tending to a greater distance, (Dictionary.com)
There is a significant promotion being released upon fathers in the faith and those who are called to be fathers to the next generation/s, fathers to movements and fathers in society. The Lord is moving them to a greater level of advancement, a greater level of extension and an increase in what they are called to put their hands to. The enemy knows that this promotion is upon the fathers and he is hitting hard, but as the fathers are covered in prayer and intercession, these assignments will be broken and they will go FARTHER than they ever have before. They are about to be propelled further forward into their destiny than they ever have been. These attempts of the enemy to hold them back and steal, kill and destroy from them, as the people of God pray and cover them, these attacks will be turned to catapult them further and with greater anointing than they have experienced before.
I also saw the Lord raising up fathers in the body of Christ in this season, and through the fathers being called and stepping forward, there was a great healing coming to the body of Christ. (Malachi 4:6) The orphan spirit losing its hold as the Father’s heart of love, acceptance, wisdom, nurture, covering and encouragement is imparted and manifested. The enemy is attempting to stop this from happening, but he will not succeed. I believe the Lord is releasing a warning and an urgency to cover the fathers, because BREAKTHROUGH is upon them!!!!