Under the stars at night mankind is in a fight — for his soul!  His flesh cries out for satisfaction, but nothing satisfies his hunger.  This way and that, turn, look search, ask, demand and fight some more.  Somewhere, somehow it must end.  The pressure, the torment, the frustration, the fear, doesn’t anyone hear the cry of the Father — COME UNTO ME.  Let Me love you to life.  Release the searching, the striving, the frustration and disappointment.  I am everything you are searching for.  I am complete satisfaction for the human existence.   Repent for your independent spirit.  You need Me and all that I am and all that I have prepared for you.  I offer you My Kingdom.  The price is your repentance, surrender and humility.  Ask Me to forgive you, then step into My grace and My forgiveness and My anointing and My power.  If you must be overwhelmed by life, let it be by My love and blessing.  Say goodbye to the world and its false hopes, its dead-end roads and its disappointments.  Come unto Me and let Me love you to life.  The power of true love will overwhelm you and overflow to many other love hungry people.  It is the true give that keeps on giving life one to another.  You have a personal, engraved invitation.  Please RSVP soon.

Your Father