Father's Love


 Father’s Love
 By Roger & Gerri Taylor

The one thing we all have in common is the need for unconditional love and acceptance. Father God designed us that way. Love is the fuel, the energy source, for life itself. In the human realm we continually fail each other when it comes to meeting this need.

The only source of true, pure, powerful, life-changing love is in Father God, Himself. He was Jesus’ source. He must be our source. Hopefully this book or recording will lead you to a life-changing encounter with Father, Himself

We are pleased to tell you that Gerri has recorded the FATHER’S HEART eBOOK  in audio format.  You can download or stream our message on the Father’s love on your computer, smartphone or tablet.   We are making these downloads available at no charge.  We pray that Father will speak to each listener or reader if they are to help with the costs of these projects.  You can donate here.
Here’s what a reader said after reading this message:
Hi Roger & Gerri,
 I just wanted to let you know that I finally got around to reading “Father’s Love”.  Wow!  What a blessing!  I believe many lives will be touched by it.   I only wish I had it several years ago! I totally can relate to everything in the book because I went through all that myself. I ‘m still learning!  Thank you for obeying Father & writing this book! I  know many people’s lives will be changed by it. I love you all & miss ya!   Blessings~ Rosemary, Myrtle Beach, SC