Last Call for America and the Western World  By Ron McGatlin

God is calling one more time for His people to arise and step into the destiny of our lives – step into becoming the spiritually mature manifested sons of Almighty God, joint heirs with Christ.

God is lovingly and powerfully touching His people. That which we may have only dreamed of and talked about is breaking through into manifested reality from the spiritual into the natural. The arms of Father God are open wide to receive us and to impart the fullness of the life of Christ Jesus into us.

This is not an invitation to be born again but specifically for the born again to become what they were born again to be.

The call is to MOVE from where we were as a child of God and into POWERFUL ANOINTED APOSTOLIC PROPHETIC LEADERS, mature sons filled with the words of extreme life in the exploding fire of God among the transforming people of God speaking the end of that which was and the advancement of that which is now coming forth. The kingdom of God is arising within and among His mighty army of unrestrained and unlimited sons and daughters, those who are the deliverers from that which is past and the destroyers of all that is not of God, those who are tearing down what God has not built and building back the pure holy reality of the manifest kingdom of God on earth.

The entire western world is receiving its last call to turn completely to God and awaken to the call of God to raise up His cause in the world. The call is for men and women to cast aside their past ways and draw near to God to be supercharged with His unquenchable FIRE of life to impart living fire into the hearts and lives of the people of God.

Beyond awakening is the arising of unreserved men and women to speak the thoughts of God into existence in the world. GREAT AUTHORITY is given to them, and there is no end to the fire of His love and power to tear down and uproot all that is not of God and replant and rebuild all that is of God.

After leaving our own human feelings and strengths and moving into the flow and authority of the river of God’s love and power, it becomes very easy to do the works of God. It is the awesome power of God in us and around us working with us as we step into the powerful smooth flow of what God is doing. We simply give voice to what He is saying and do what He is doing.

Deliverance and healing are quick and seemingly without effort as we do not instigate it and never run after it. Our old formulas, plans, and step-by-step programs simply are not even considered. His presence explodes upon the situation like a ball of fire as angels work with us and minister to everyone involved.

Why is this the last call for America and other western nations?

This is a last call for these nations because either they will now respond to this call of God and become kingdom of God nations that will never end, or they will no longer exist as a nation and the people will be scattered. Either way, another call will not be needed for these nations. If there is a lack of response now, any future call of God for a people or nation of God to arise will be a call to another nation or nations.

In the past two centuries, there has been a number of calls from God to His people that produced awesome outpourings of Spirit life and power that we called revival.

The twentieth century began with a mighty Pentecostal revival of the awesome miracles and power of the Holy Spirit that spread across the world in that century.

Beginning in the last decade of the twentieth century, the 1990s, and continuing through the first decade of the twenty first century, the 2000s, which also was the first decade of the third millennium since Christ Jesus, there was a massive spiritual outpouring that touched much of the world. The power and love of God impacted and changed many lives and finally broke out of the church walls and began to spill over into the culture. It also began to strongly influence governments of nations.

Yet there were those within the confines of church system walls that missed the entire revival and some even stood with those against it.

The Great Backlash Against the Moves of God

This powerful move of God across the world greatly disturbed evil forces that were under the control of the antichrist spirit. It became evident that the powerful move of God would sweep the entire world into the rule of God. Of course, this meant that the end of the reign of Satan and his ungodly works were at hand.

The man-made secularist governments and religious systems allowed the spirits of antichrist to overtake educational systems, mass media, and other influential systems to turn the minds of much of the population back to darkness in an all-out effort to stop the powerful move of God from establishing the kingdom of God on earth.

Now at the time of this writing, in the middle of the second decade of the twenty first century, in the year of 2015, we are seeing worldwide arising of the powers of darkness violently persecuting and murdering thousands of Christians and displacing many hundreds of thousands. Church buildings, Christian’s homes, and businesses are being burned or the people are being driven away by violence, and their homes and businesses taken over. The spirits of antichrist are running wild turning multitudes against Christ in an all-out attempt to stop the kingdom of God from arising on earth.

Our western nations are now outlawing the use of the name of Jesus, removing public prayer and any mention of Christ Jesus in public schools or governmental institutions including the military. Laws are being passed that make it a crime to live godly and teach according to the biblical standards that once formed the core of our nations.

What the devil has meant for destruction, God will use for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. The great persecution arising in the nations of the world are a catalyst that will awaken the sleeping unresponsive people of God that have either missed or misused all the recent Holy Spirit outpourings of the call of God. His call is for us to come to Him with our whole hearts to receive and walk in the awesome flow of His love and power bringing forth the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

The past calls of God and the responsive revivals or outpourings have each had different progressive parts forming a people of God to bring forth Christ Jesus and His kingdom on earth. The moves have looked different and had progressively different emphasis as each brought a further part of that which was needed to become true kingdom building sons of God.

The last call has begun.

As we sat in our Living Room this past Saturday evening, April 11, 2015 with a small gathering of God’s people and began to worship, the last two people walked into the room, and it was as if a huge ball of fire of God exploded into the room. People were physically touched by angels as the call of God was evidenced in power and love among us. It was as if heaven came down and kissed earth.

There were reports of victorious breakthroughs from the past week including deliverance and miraculous provisions and more. Some of these things were major things from over many years that were simply washed away bringing greater kingdom freedom. Though I lack the words to explain it, these simple gatherings are deeper and more real beyond the phenomenon of many of the charismatic conferences and meetings of the past move.

I believe these phenomenal experiences are coming forth in many groups across the land. Part of what is so different from the past move is that no one is in charge, but all are yielded and responsive to the leadership of Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Another thing that is different is that there is no set program or ingrained routine of events, no “order of service” so to speak and actually no “service” as such, but rather a coming together and responding to the Spirit of God in His presence. Prayer and prophecy are spontaneous and extremely effective with often immediate results. This is not a new model to be reproduced as a new program; it is simply what is happening. No two gatherings are ever the same and often not very similar but very effective.

Please understand that the church in this next call is not just reaching out beyond its walls. It is leaving the religious system with its walls and coming forth in homes, business offices, citywide apostolic worship gatherings, and wherever people of God come together. Truly the real kingdom of God is spreading like yeast in dough and moving about as the unseen wind. It is coming up like grass in a field covering the whole field and always spreading beyond all boundaries.

God’s Kingdom Will Never End

Whether the existing western nations survive to become the kingdom of our God or whether new nations and peoples arise to become the kingdom of God on earth, those who are coming to maturity in the kingdom now will have been foundational forerunners of the fullness of God’s kingdom ruling earth with the power of His love and wisdom.

Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old.
Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it?
I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Isa 43:18-19.

Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12:32

Love never fails and His kingdom never ends,