10/22/16 10 pm A Word from Father.

Halloween is approaching and the demonic hoards are antsy looking forward to their annual celebration. They feel comfortable in their victories and confident in more success ahead as humanity delves into the darkness unaware of the consequence. Over confidence makes one vulnerable to defeat, so this year we will strike a blow and rattle their cage! There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth in the demonic realm once again! Humanity that participates in the demonic celebrations will be shaken also, some severely even to the loss of life. Anyone who cares to look will see the parallels between the Godless choices the people of America have made and the increased participation in demonic celebrations. I’m going to honor those of you, My Children, who refuse to join in the darkness. If you are truly My Child you cannot mix light and darkness without negative consequences no matter how innocent your intentions. Spiritually, it is an abomination for a supernatural Child of God to step into demonic celebration no matter how briefly. Too many of you seem not to care that I do not sanction or support any demonic celebration. It is an offense to Me and should be to all of My household. Are you so afraid of what others will say if you do not go along with the crowd? Why are you not concerned about what I might say? If you are My Child, get up, stand up, rise up to your holy place with Me and honor Me with your life and your choices. Be a holy light to the world of darkness. Offer the love and hope that I make available to all who will come to Me. Offer My holy light to dispel the invading darkness. I am for you, My Children. Do not betray our relationship for the sake of your tradition. Stand with Me in righteousness and holiness and when others celebrate darkness, you celebrate the light of My love for you and yours. Stand with Me.